Residential Technical Services

Home Networking

Are you building a new home that you would like wired for the future, or do you have an office in your home that is in need of some technical organization? We offer products and solutions to meet your specific needs.

We can provide a cabinet to centrally house all of your cable television, phone, internet, wireless and wired home network connections and equipment. Each room of the house can then have direct connections to this central cabinet for easy access and management. This centralized approach to home networking also allows for future technologies to be implemented easily.

Home Security

Do you have concerns with the safety and well-being of your home? We offer many product installation services keep your home secure.

We can help you monitor any area of your home by installing surveillance cameras and a Digital Video Recording system. We also offer installation of Access Control hardware that would electronically protect your entrances. These can be simple keypad locks for keyless entry, or a sophisticated system that includes proximity card readers.

Home Theater

Do you want to impress your friends and family on game day or movie night? We can help you improve the quality and experience of your entertainment system with a custom designed audio/visual package.

We install anything from a high-definition projectors that project a crystal clear picture onto your wall or projection screen for a true theater experience, or a simple surround sound package in your living room

We also install Whole Home Audio systems that will enable you to listen to your music throughout your entire home.

Remote Monitoring

Do you have, elderly family members or even pets that need constant monitoring? We can provide the equipment you need to remotely monitor your home.

Cameras can be installed in any area of the home that you may deem appropriate, as well as sound systems so that you can communicate with your family member or pet directly even while you are away from home. An application installed on your smart phone can ensure they are monitored at all times.

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